Retrospective in Blue
Saturday, June 11, 2022

Join us for the second annual exhibit of Kerry Beverly paintings. From the 1970s through his death in 2019, Kerry’s evocative figures and soulful landscapes reveal an honest perspective that is distinctly his. This collection elucidates the creative arc of his oeuvre and his life.

The historic Bergstrom Farmhouse (1902) has a rich creative history that includes resident musicians, artists, and farmers. The expansive vistas of rural East Austin, Green Gate Farms, and Village Farm tiny house agri-hood combine for a perfect setting to enjoy Kerry’s art and pay homage to his lifelong curiosities.

By appointment only June 12 – 26

Big Skies, June 12, 2021

Thanks to all who attended for making this event so special. And to all who headed home wondering which wall their painting would hang, thank you again for your purchase.

The Residents of Village Farm went together to purchase “Yucatan Smoke” with the stipulation that it stay where it was on the farmhouse wall! And the developer for Tiny Village was challenged to purchase “House on the Hill.” A challenge that was accepted.

See you all next year!